Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design
Hang Lung Properties

The heart of the city 

Located along one of the area's busiest pedestrian thoroughfares, Parc 66, a luxury retail development, provides a popular shopping destination for Jinan, China. 

In collaboration with P&T Architects in Hong Kong, Benoy Masterplanned the site which features two malls linked by a series of glass bridges, all housed under a single glazed roof.

Connected to the city’s civic square, the project occupies two basement and six above ground levels. The main anchor within the development is the luxury cinema ‘Palace’ which is joined by more than 400 tenants.

On the upper storeys, cafés and restaurants are abundant, most featuring exclusive dining terraces. A sculpture garden on the top floor makes Parc 66 an attraction for the entire city.

Capturing natural beauty

Reflecting the region’s natural beauty in its design, Parc 66 takes inspiration from the surrounding lakes and springs.

The fluid design is consistent throughout the scheme with green spaces, undulating roofscapes, curved façades and ‘Water’ themed interiors.

The development has a crisp finish and is predominantly white; referencing the purity of the ‘Springs of Jinan’. 

Complementary materials were selected to enhance the interior design and create a bright yet elegant ambiance. Benoy’s design for Parc 66 has delivered a new level of luxury to the increasingly affluent community of Jinan.

Unique design approach 

Benoy's holistic approach to the Interior Design united the Architecture, Wayfinding and Graphics.

The ergonomic signage design took its cue from the two interconnecting retail podiums and embraced the neutral, clean and timeless design blueprint. 

The signage in each podium was identified with ‘East’ and ‘West’ zones, helping to guide visitors easily and efficiently through the wider development.