Interior Design
LOTTE Corporation

High-profile landmark

LOTTE WORLD MALL is a high-profile addition to the commercial property sector in South Korea.

Incorporated within LOTTE Corporation’s existing retail portfolio in Seoul’s Jamsil district, LOTTE WORLD MALL forms Asia’s largest shopping centre.

The retail mall integrates seamlessly with a high-end department store, entertainment tower and world-class concert hall to create a shopping and leisure destination that elevates this exciting megacity and makes a positive contribution to its booming tourism industry.

An experiential destination

The brief for LOTTE WORLD MALL called for the creation of a development unlike any other in the country. Benoy’s Team responded by introducing new materials and design concepts not commonly seen in South Korea to create an interactive and ever-changing environment.

As a place where people naturally meet, the main void is the focal point and has been designed to attract and capture the destination’s anticipated 170,000 visitors a day. The dramatic space has a unique geometry and features a surface which can be backlit with moving patterns.

Continuing the celebration of space, feature ceilings are incorporated throughout the mall. Drop-down backlit panels, sculpted GRG materials and laser cut patterns add variety. In transitional areas, latticed wood paneling creates further areas of interest along with contemporary textile flooring.

Throughout the development, particular attention has been paid to the perhaps less high profile areas such as the lift and toilet lobbies. Here, illuminated walls and built-in seating have created points of interest for shoppers.

The face of AVENUEL

Benoy’s design was also chosen as the Façade Concept Design for the adjoining AVENUEL department store, the world’s third largest Duty Free store.

The design has taken inspiration from the art of origami and is realised in the form of white diamond-shaped marble tiles.

The detailing also incorporates the latest in lighting; backlit infills with hidden LED lights generate a multitude of colours allowing this prominent development to adapt its appearance throughout the year.