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Changing the city skyline

Plans are currently underway to remodel and extend Barcelona’s most prestigious retail destination.

Improvements to the 134,500m2 shopping centre and its surroundings are part of the long-term regeneration plan for Barcelona that includes Segrera Park; a vibrant green corridor which runs through the heart of
the city to the sea.

La Maquinista’s parkside location inspires its design, which aims to integrate the new landscape with its verdant surroundings.

The project is conceived as a series of ‘City blocks’, linked to one another by walkways analogous to a popular city street.

Building on its reputation and reflecting the ambitions of the city for an ‘Urban’ project, the development will incorporate ‘Welcome plazas’, a department store and a series of apartments. Incorporating five towers, the new silhouette will introduce a strong and identifiable addition to the skyline.