Architecture, Masterplanning
Retail, Mixed-use, Commercial, Waterside
Joy City Property Limited

Waterfront Destination

Located along the canal within Hangzhou’s busy Gongshu commercial district, this exciting flagship mixed-use development comprises of a 130,000m2 shopping mall, waterfront retail streets, and four towers (including one 130m and two 100m offices, as well as a 100m apartment tower). The total GFA is approx. 470,000m2 with 30,000m2 retail and 130,000m2 parking area below ground.

Sunken Plaza 

In Chinese cities, plazas are often recognized as landmarks. The 2,000m2 sunken traditional plaza is the highlight of the scheme – surrounded by four towers, serving as an urban living room, it provides an active public space in the heart of the development where commercial and public events can be held.

The façade facing the sunken plaza allowed for transparency, ensuring visual connection between the sunken plaza and retail street. Abundant terrace spaces create opportunities for visitors to interact and socialise within this urban living room.

Rejuvenated Site 

At the north of the site sits the Joy City shopping mall, distinguished from the rest of the development with unique design language and material applications on the façade. Along the main road, the façade showcases dynamic interlocking volumes and eye-catching colors to align with the lively, chic and modern branding of the mall. 

The retail street is located at the south of the site. Low-rise building clusters making up the retail street are connected by bridges on the various levels, channeling visitors through intriguing spaces within the complex. On the third level is an 8m wide landscape bridge which pays tributes to a previously existed coal pipeline in the original coal shed site while linking the various components of the mixed-use development together.