Interior Design
Kerry Properties Limited

Increasing appeal

Jing An Kerry Centre is located in the Puxi district of Shanghai.

The 70,000m² extension to the existing centre has introduced a luxury retail podium to the high-end, mixed-use development. The development already includes a compelling combination of Retail, two Commercial Towers and a 6-Star Hotel.

For inspiration, Benoy's design team considered the existing architecture and so emerged the concept of a ‘Box within a box’; whilst enjoying its own space, the new retail podium complements the existing development.

The luxury retail spaces are a series of independent yet interlocking sections. The central ‘Galleria’ is a highlight of the new centre. The four-storey retail space, completely encased in glass, is the main artery between the north and south towers and commercial elements.

At the heart of the scheme lies an impressive plaza. Designed to enhance the visitor experience, this event space increases Jing An’s appeal and repertoire.

Adjacent to the plaza, the historic Mao House has been restored and is an authentic cultural addition to the scheme.