Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design
Retail, Leisure & Tourism
46,000m2 GLA

Renewed vitality

Galerie Šantovka, located in the east of the Czech Republic, is revitalising the city of Olomouc and bringing a new retail enthusiasm to the city.

The 46,000m² development is designed over three main levels of trading plus an additional leisure and dining floor. This retail-led scheme includes leisure facilities and commercial space.

The 200-store, new build, contemporary, yet respectfully designed centre is located on a derelict, post-industrial site.

The external façades have a fresh and modern design but also reference the local vernacular by incorporating similar materials and the historic colour palette.

Extensive landscaping throughout the development has created a relaxing ‘Riverside Green Corridor’.

This creatively ambitious yet commercially grounded retail centre provides the residents of and visitors to Olomouc
an exciting new destination.