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New World Development Company Limited

New Lease of Life

Originally opening in the late 1990s, developer New World Development Limited (NWD), along with its partners, were able to completely reimagine this traditional retail mall into a thriving community hub with a specific focus on the needs of young families and their offspring. This renovation was an opportunity to write a new playbook on how such a facility could potentially add the greatest value as a community hub with a targeted demographic and a cohesive theme. 

Following its official opening in January 2016, D.PARK now offers a diverse mix of over 160 retail and food and beverage outlets, and boasts convenient proximity to the city’s transportation networks. The mall has been rebranded to become Hong Kong’s first family oriented, themed shopping centre and “The World’s First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall”.

World’s First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall

Hong Kong is a city that places great emphasis on academic performance from an early age. The developer’s focus on fostering multiple intelligences is a modern and innovative take on the academic world and has been received to great acclaim by parents and the community. This strategy allows children to enjoy the innocence of play and exploration whilst also taking their first steps into education.

Designed specifically for families, D.PARK provides four interactive indoor and outdoor “Multiple Intelligence Zones”: Whale Garden, D-Central Park, Amazon Academy and Kiddy Jungle, with each area fostering a number of different intelligences known as Body, People, Logic, Word, Visual, Nature, Self and Music Smart. A host of animal mascots, from Leo the ‘Body Smart’ Lion to Gemma the ‘Music Smart’ Giraffe, create a fun and child-friendly environment whilst also exemplifying a different multiple intelligence.

Fun and Dynamic Design

Immediately upon entering D.PARK, the mall’s theme and atmosphere are established. Decorated to resemble the towering flora and diverse fauna of a tropical rainforest, cartoon statues of crocodiles, parrots and leopards lie between deep blue rivers and lush green forests, ripe for exploration. These vibrant colours and features are replicated throughout D.PARK, creating a magical world perfect for families to explore together.

Navigation and wayfinding is provided through interactive, user-friendly consoles. Levels 2 and 3 are connected by a 33m long travelator that spans across a wide central atrium space.

Thematically Aligned Tenants

The mall’s tropical theme is not just evident in the mall itself, but is developed further in collaboration with all 160 tenants, who are mandated to incorporate child-friendly elements or attractions into their shop fronts and interiors.

For example, D.PARK’s ‘Trendy Runway’ and ‘K-Pop Zone’ showcase a range of premium, on-trend fashion stores, such as Korea’s largest fashion brand, E Land. D.PARK’s burgeoning reputation as the provider of Hong Kong’s finest nursery facilities has culminated in Oh My Kids, a local social organisation, naming D.PARK the “Best Nursery in Hong Kong” for both 2015 and 2016.