Interior Design, Product Design

Traditional British heritage

True to Benoy’s philosophy, the design for the firm’s new London Studio goes beyond the expected creating a three dimensional interpretation of Benoy’s identity.

The design uses company colours to complement the brand’s ‘traditional British’ theme and promote Benoy’s heritage. The workspace has been well-tailored to incorporate functional features including WebEx booths, hot desk space, layout and library areas.

The fit out of the studio was aimed at engendering a more collegial comradery. The breakout spaces and common floor allow for creativity to flow. The use of the non-conventional workspaces inspires increased collaboration.

Benoy’s social atmosphere within the studio is strengthened by the introduction of breakout areas, where the Team can meet informally, have lunch or simply take a break and enjoy the library. These reception and communal areas feature furniture from British designers, giving the studio a contemporary yet stylish twist.

Branded environment

The Benoy Brand is vitally important to the identity of the firm, and the aim of the design for the new studio was to create a Benoy-branded environment representing this identity for clients and the Team.

Since being founded almost 70 years ago in Nottinghamshire, Benoy has remained a truly British company whilst extending its global reach and this heritage was a key factor when designing the look and atmosphere of the studio.

As a comprehensive design practice, Benoy understands the importance of branding, signage and interiors.

Whilst the exterior of the new studio represents British history and tradition fully, the interiors evoke a modernity and vibrancy supported by the colour palette and unique fixtures and furnishings.

Bespoke aesthetics

Strong British components are utilised throughout the workspace, such as houndstooth patterns and large, comfortable wingback chairs, but when blended with the Benoy colours and modern lighting and details, the studio exemplifies Benoy through and through.

The Benoy Team used their creative talents to also design several bespoke pieces of furniture throughout the workspace supporting the cohesive concept of the Studio and enhancing the British theme. The result conjures a feeling of heritage and warmth.

The open plan workspace blended with the unique breakout pods as well as a library accommodates a full range of working styles, allowing for everyone on the Team to have a suitable space to design.

Design and functionality had to be brought together in an evocative way which not only worked for the Team in their day to day routines but was also a living demonstration of the Benoy portfolio as well as portraying the brand. The mix of contemporary and tradition in the final design emphasises these aspects fully.