Graphic Design, Interior Design
Retail, Leisure & Tourism
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited

Vertical mall

Benoy’s first vertical retail and leisure mall opened for business in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong in 2005.

Covering an area of 60,000m², with 52 escalators, 18 restaurants and six cinema screens, APM was the first destination centre in the region specifically targeted at the youth market.

Hong Kong’s culture, efficiency, 24-hour lifestyle and unrivalled cityscape has made it one of the world’s most influential cities for urbanised retail destinations.

The concept and design was based on the need for a ‘Third space’ – representing everything in-between work and home – for those who want to maximise often limited leisure time.

The interior introduced fun and bright design elements and created a central event space with a large multimedia screen to host or display events.