Benoy’s Tourism Highlight for Hainan

20 February 2017

Benoy’s design for the new China International Travel Service (CITS) Sanya Eyot scheme in Hainan is progressing with the latest designs being released this month. The development makes up the second phase of the wider CITS scheme which already includes the first phase DFS development, the world’s largest of its kind.

Located in the new resort area of Haitang Bay in Sanya, the development is situated on the reclaimed Hexin Island surrounded by the area’s luxury international hotels and natural attractions. With a pedestrian bridge connecting to the first phase DFS scheme, CITS Sanya Eyot will add a new highlight to this popular tourism site.

“We are incredibly excited to be working on this high-profile scheme with CITS. Our vision is to bring a completely new experience and break the mould for retail-led tourism developments in Haitang Bay. The scheme will provide visitors with a concept not yet seen before in this area,” explained Ferdinand Cheung, Director at Benoy.

The 32,000m2 mixed-use, retail-led destination introduces a porous and multi-layered environment to bring a point of difference to the site. The design clusters a number of distinctive, small-scale buildings, creating a series of indoor and outdoor spaces which will host a multitude of entertainment and retail activities. The buildings will also be connected by a succession of elevated walkways and bridges which span the length of the pedestrian-friendly site.

One of the highlights unveiled in the latest designs is the canopy structures which have been inspired by sea shells in both their form and colour, firmly routing the design into its sea-side context. Their articulation has been designed in accordance with solar paths and prevailing wind studies to encourage natural ventilation across the scheme, as well as open up sightlines across the island.

“The canopy designs have not only allowed us to fulfil the brief for the project environmentally, helping to encourage air circulation and provide sun shading within this known humid and hot climate, but they also bring a real identity to the scheme. Their form and colour connect back to the coastal and resort quality of the site and they gave us the platform to showcase our conceptual innovation within the design,” said Janet Chan, Senior Associate Director at Benoy.

Anchoring the development at the north end is a covered Market area, a further addition within the new plans.The area will host fresh local seafood produce through fish farm facilities and also provide stall areas for imported goods. A large aquarium with a reflective pool will bookend the market space and provide the backdrop for the al fresco and market-style dining area.

With the reclamation of Hexin Island now complete, the CITS Sanya Eyot scheme is due to commence construction later this year in 2017. The development is targeting a China 3-star sustainability rating.

Project Details:

• Developer: China International Travel Service (CITS)
• Project Location: Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan Province, China
• Size (Site Area): 45,700m2
• Size (Mixed-use GFA): 32,000m2
 Masterplanner: Benoy
• Architect: Benoy
• Bridge Concept Design: Hugh Dutton Associés
• Local Design Institute: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD)
• Roof Consultant: RFR
• Environmental Consultant: THUPDI


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