Inside Out – Terminal Design Starts with You

14 March 2016

Benoy is at Passenger Terminal Expo this week in Cologne, Germany, meeting with industry leaders and discussing the latest trends impacting this exciting sector. Below, Divisional Director Neil Kee explains Benoy's user-centric approach to Airport and Terminal Design. 

Neil Kee
Divisional Director, Global Aviation

It is no secret that the Aviation sector is evolving; new design solutions are being called for to unlock the non-aviation revenue potential of terminals and airports. As these buildings shift to become more commercially optimised however, the next-generation of buildings will need to put users (you) at their heart to be truly successful, approaching design from the inside out.

Airport design is learning much from the shift in the Retail sector over the last decade and like this sector, it is more complex today than ever before. We are increasing our frequency of travel and with that our expectations of what an airport is – a place to catch our flight, but also shop, dine, sleep, work, entertain. Terminals are no longer merely transport facilities, but destinations in their own right; ‘Places for people’.

As Benoy has learned from delivering an award-winning portfolio of retail, leisure, hospitality and mixed-use projects around the world, it takes specialist planning intelligence to understand what attracts and moves people through spaces in a commercially viable way. Understanding the psychology of the airport journey and how design can alleviate stress and maximise dwell time is now extremely important; directly translating to the commercial output of the airport as well. From the arrival experience through to the landside and airside zones, the design must identify and enhance certain touch points for users to engage.

However, balancing the guest experience and commercial aspirations with the operational constraints of the complex airport environment is difficult without the right expertise. These two aspects are often in conflict; if the passenger and commercial experiences are considered as an afterthought, the terminal plan often fails to achieve either objective.

By working at the forefront of the retail and commercial sector, Benoy is continually pushing the boundaries of design which puts the user experience first. Working on terminals across Asia, the UK and the Middle East, Benoy is helping future airport destinations adopt this new thinking and strategise from the inside out. 

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