Benoy Takes Part in 15th Annual Hong Kong Cleanup

8 December 2015

Benoy Hong Kong was proud to take part in the 15th annual Hong Kong Cleanup challenge this month – contributing to the world’s largest environmental volunteer effort.

With an aim of mobilising five percent of the city’s population in actively reducing the amount of rubbish they generate, the Hong Kong Cleanup is striving to build on the significant traction the initiative has gained over the years.

During the 2014 campaign alone (of which Benoy was involved), over 51,000 volunteers collected nearly four million kg of rubbish from over 1,847km of shorelines, country park trails and city streets.

This year, the Benoy Team travelled to Stanley on the island’s south side to a beach which sits beside a sewage treatment plant. In just three hours, the Hong Kong Team collected and removed over 50kg of discarded materials and rubbish.

The data collected from Benoy’s effort will be used and analysed as part of the Ocean Trash Index Report to help better understand and reduce the city’s environmental impact.

This is the third consecutive year Benoy has proudly supported the Hong Kong Cleanup challenge.

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