Benoy – Shaping the City

2 September 2015

Benoy is an international studio of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers. Known for its work in some of the most dynamic and competitive cities around the world, clients go to Benoy not just for inspiring, intelligent design but also to benefit from nearly seven decades of proven commercial experience. The company’s genuine understanding of the international property sector gives its designs a distinct advantage in a highly competitive and complex marketplace.

Working in the commercial hubs of Europe, The Middle East, Africa, China, Asia, Australia and The Americas, Benoy’s global offer is made all the more compelling by its presence around the world. Benoy’s 11 studios work on projects in over 60 countries.

Benoy believes that it is perfectly positioned to play its part in ‘Shaping the City’; whether it is designing and delivering the new Terminal 4 at Changi Airport or advising on the Brand Identity for the highly anticipated Silvertown redevelopment in London.

Benoy’s philosophy is that its best ideas will be generated by utilising the existing features of a site; a key view, a level change or important cultural link. These assets are the memories of the city and Benoy tries to embrace them in the creation of new authentic places. Recognising the importance of a traditional urban site and connecting to it is vital to creating environments where old and new come together, as Benoy is doing on the historic Silvertown which will drive further economic investment into London.

Across the Middle East and North Africa, Benoy’s designs are making a positive contribution to the architectural landscape. With global experience across a raft of sectors including Mixed-use, Retail, Residential, Leisure and Aviation, our Architects and Designers have a deep understanding of the changing needs and expectations of the modern consumer.

Whilst ever mindful of the underlying desire for real commercial success, Benoy strives to strike a balance between form and function and tradition and innovation to create elegant, enduring environments. Projects such as The Beach in Dubai and the Bahrain Marina Masterplan represent this ethos and are acknowledged as the next generation of design destinations.

Reimagining a major city, such as Benoy’s masterplan for Cali, Colombia, brings with it certain considerations like climatic issues; techniques of creating shelter, shade, wind protection or cooling will all contribute to devising a successful landscape.

Taking these environmental issues into deliberation and applying the Team’s artistry enhances the design as well as its utility. Benoy firmly believes creativity and commercial viability are not mutually exclusive.

In developing these landmark schemes in London, Dubai or any other Global Capital, they need to have a connection to the area and bring something unique to the city; this is a true challenge and one that requires a dedicated design team.

There are countless cities around the world vying for the moniker of Global Capital, and as developing cities continue to grow, there will soon be tough competition for today’s leaders.

Part of the Benoy culture is to design for the consumer of today and tomorrow and with the longevity to withstand future trends; extending the life of each scheme and pleasing visitors for years to come.

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