Benoy Announces New Appointment to Nairobi Showground

7 September 2015

Benoy, the international award-winning firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, has announced its appointment as the Masterplanner on the Nairobi Showground in Kenya.

Working with the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK), the Benoy Team has been tasked with designing the Concept Masterplan for this new 131ha, sustainable destination for the people of Nairobi.

This design for this scheme, set in a prime spot with close proximity to airports and landmarks, embraces the local culture of Kenya and Nairobi residents.

The development will focus on the showground and trade hub at the heart of the project and will be supported by leisure parks, culture and research centres. The agribusiness and trade area will become a new hub for general commerce generating long-term employment opportunities improving economic prosperity.

Paul Priest, Benoy Director and Head of MENA Studios, commented, “Working with ASK on this new project, we have created a concept that encompasses all the needs of Nairobi within a creative vision which blends the different components together.”

“Our Team has worked to ensure the culture, heritage and traditions of Kenya are celebrated in the Masterplan; they are presented to the residents in a modern and easily accessible manner,” he added.

The design will create an inclusive urban economy with efficient transportation systems, thus raising Nairobi’s offer as a strong and healthy city to live in and visit.

As part of the Kenya Vision 2030 the Nairobi Showground will be a pivotal element to the comprehensive development of the country. 

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