Benoy's Concept Design Reimagines a Foreign Embassy in Asia

28 May 2015

Benoy, the acclaimed global studio of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, is excited to share an inside look into one of its Concept Designs for a major Foreign Embassy in Asia. Commissioned to redesign the interiors of an existing premises, Benoy has developed a reimagined interpretation of a 21st century diplomatic office.

“We were excited to take on this unique project and set about reconceiving the idea of a modern-day Embassy. The design process was driven, on the one hand, by a range of defined consular activities, whilst on the other, being anchored by a strong national brand heritage. We wanted to express this heritage through an ‘Attitude’ rather than taking a more obvious route,” said Rufus Turnbull, Benoy Divisional Director.

Benoy’s Concept Design follows the project from the exterior drop-off and entrance into the multi-level interiors. Developing a more refined ‘Sense of arrival’, the design outlines illuminated walkways to enhance the façade which will lead guests to a grand lobby. Warm tones, sleek forms and an emphasis on height for the double volume space create a striking entrance to greet the Embassy’s guests.

“The existing building is one of significant stature, with an institutional, but fairly austere personality. The architectural forms needed to be given a bit of a cleanse in order to convey the strong forms that lay beneath the patchwork of materials, finishes and services,” explained Rufus Turnbull.

From the lobby, guests are led upstairs to an open planned, multi-functional space. Another double-height area, Benoy’s design takes advantage of natural light and visual connectivity with LCD glass providing a glimpse to the floors above. With flexibility in mind, the room has been reconceived to be adaptable for press conferences, charity galas, exhibitions, banquets, lectures and speaking events.

Adjoining the main events space, Benoy has proposed smaller and more intimate social areas. A private club style lounge provides the perfect environment for networkers to exchange ideas and for consular representatives to welcome guests. Meeting Rooms with the latest in media integration and smart glass offer privacy for business engagements. To complete the floor, a Bar with a ‘Speakeasy’ influence has been designed for embassy staff and social guests.

“What we have achieved with this Concept Design is a new outlook for the sector. An Embassy should be thought of as more than simply an office or somewhere to collect your visa. We believe that an Embassy can be a showcase for a nation’s identity, a springboard for businesses into Asia, a venue to host dignitaries and VIP guests from around the world,” said Rufus Turnbull.

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