Benoy Builds 5,350-Can Temple of Heaven for Canstruction Hong Kong

27 April 2015

Benoy, the global firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, has taken part in one of the world’s most unique charity events where food cans are used to build large art pieces for exhibition. Held in over 200 cities, Canstruction Hong Kong is being held 25 to 28 April this year with Benoy competing for the first time.

Hong Kong is the first city in Asia to host the charity event. The program aims to raise awareness of food shortage issues and most importantly, to help alleviate hunger and malnutrition. The cans used during the event help to provide a vital food stock which is later distributed to those in need. Since 1992, Canstruction has donated over 25 million pounds of food cans worldwide.

‘World Famous Attractions’ was this year’s theme for the design and build event. Benoy teamed up with Ayam Brand TM to construct a replica of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, using over 5000 cans in the process.

“Our Design Team chose the Temple of Heaven for its symbolic historical value to the Chinese culture. The temple represents hope and peace and brings us back to the idea of providing unconditionally for those in need,” explained Stephanie Hui from the Benoy Design Team.

“Architecturally, we were drawn to the geometry of the building. The perfect circle represents the eternity of time and endless possibilities. The design, however, was not without its challenges. The three major cantilevers of the pitched roof presented an issue early on. With the help of a structural engineer, we were able to deduce the ratio between the load and the necessary structure to overcome this.”

All cans raised during the event will be donated to Food Angel, an innovative food rescue and assistance program which was launched by the Bo Charity Foundation in 2011.

Canstruction Hong Kong will be exhibited to the public from 25 to 28 April at the Police Married Quarters (PMQ), 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Benoy x Ayam TM Team: Stephanie Hui, Michael Luk, Dennis Chan, Koasis Fung, Koren Sin, Qin Ting Ting, Grace Hung, Choi Siu Kwan and Yanessa Wong.

Total Cans Used/Donated – 5,350:
• Coconut Milk: 360 cans
• Sardine (Red colour, small size): 1600 cans
• Tuna Omega 3 (Blue colour): 2300 cans
• Tuna in Water (Flakes Light) (Light blue): 320 cans
• Tuna Chunks (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) (Green Colour): 750 cans
• Baked Beans (Yellow, Small size): 10 cans
• Mackerel Black beans (yellow): 10 cans

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