Benoy to Grow BIM Portfolio with New Global Coordinator

2 January 2015

Benoy, international, award-winning Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, has committed to expanding its Building Information Modelling (BIM) based portfolio and the development of the BIM Team across its 10 studios.

To guarantee higher levels of excellence and efficiency from Benoy’s studios with further integration of this cutting edge design tool, the firm has announced its first Global BIM Coordinator, Senior Associate Director Andrew Tape. Andrew will take on this new role alongside a team of Studio Coordinators supporting the BIM efforts.

Building Information Modelling represents a new approach to collaboration throughout the design and construction process resulting in quicker and more effective coordination between consultants as well as with the client. With the appointment of a dedicated BIM Team internationally, Benoy strengthens its position to offer clients around the world access to the powerful design method and the firm’s projects are able to reap the benefits of this growing technology.

Executive Director David Coyne commented on the newly formulated BIM Team, saying, “Through this role, Andrew will be able to manage the coordination of our work across the 10 studios, enabling the firm to unify its working methods and identify design concerns which can be quickly and effectively resolved, thus reducing issues down the line. We believe this Global Team will further raise the Benoy offer for our clients.”

Currently Andrew is the Project Leader for the BIM-based Resorts World Birmingham, a world class leisure complex. The 80,000m2 project will be the first of its kind to be built in Europe and will significantly enhance the entertainment sector in the region.

The combination of Andrew’s award-winning project work and the company’s ‘One Benoy’ policy, which promotes seamless conversations between its global studios, will bolster the new BIM collaboration. Based in the UK, Andrew will support each of the Studio Coordinators and their current and future projects which already includes the Singapore Studio’s BIM-run, landmark aviation project, Changi Airport’s future Terminal 4 (T4).

Projects such as Resorts World and T4 demonstrate the shift to promote BIM on an international scale. The ability to relay information clearly and effectively in a visual way has also proven to be a valuable tool for projects in more remote areas. One such example is Benoy’s Caspian Waterfront in Baku, Azerbaijan, an 116,000m2 dynamic, mixed-use development set to transform the Caspian Sea’s shoreline. As a London Studio project, BIM has allowed each stage of this design to be more accessible for the locally based client.

Commenting on the company’s BIM promotion, Andrew said, “Resorts World, Changi T4 and Caspian among other schemes illustrate the strength and experience the business already has with this technology; the decision to create a specific Team from the global level down highlights the firm’s commitment to continue to advance this expertise and raise the quality standard clients expect from Benoy.”

Resorts World Birmingham is currently under construction and is planned to open mid-2015. Changi Airport’s T4 and Caspian Waterfront are expected to open their doors in 2017.

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