Benoy’s Masterplanning in Malaysia and Globally

31 December 2014

Benoy, the international, award-winning firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, has shown off two of its high profile Masterplans in Malaysia as Global Operations Director Tom Cartledge took the time to visit the sites while in the region with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s high-level business delegation to Southeast Asia.

Since the inception of the Masterplanning Team in 2000, Benoy has channelled its design expertise into an acclaimed portfolio around the world. Specifically visible in the booming ASEAN region, the Subang Jaya City Centre (SJCC) and Tanjung Aru Eco Development (TAED) schemes in Malaysia have highlighted Benoy’s strength across the discipline.

Simon Bee, Benoy Global Design Director, explained why these Masterplanning schemes in Malaysia represent an exciting future for design at Benoy, “when one looks at the Malaysian market, there is a real drive to raise the built environment and elevate Kuala Lumpur and the whole country as a world-class destination.”

“Our Masterplans speak to this initiative as we bring a local and international skill set in urban regeneration, environmental design, mixed-use developments, infrastructure and transport solutions and the creation of imaginative public realms to reconceive and renew areas across the country.”

SJCC in the western state of Selangor will create a gateway to the city of Subang Jaya as a new lifestyle centre and live, work and play environment. The urban design includes an integrated mixed-use scheme with safe, open public spaces based around the heart of the development, a public transport interchange with LRT, KTM Rail, Park & Ride facilities and bus networks.

Masterplans such as SJCC act as an urban catalyst for the entire region. Similarly, TAED located in the popular gateway of Kota Kinabalu, is a beachfront project which aims to establish a set of principles that will positively impact the future of this re-energised region of Sabah.

TAED’s comprehensive 314ha Masterplan incorporates the rejuvenation of Prince Philip Park and Tanjung Aru’s three beaches, alongside the development of resort hotels, residential areas, marinas, entertainment venues, beach clubs and dining areas. This beachfront eco development has prioritised the natural assets of the location in a dedicated effort to promote Malaysia’s eco-tourism industry.

While visiting these sites, Tom remarked how they showcase Benoy’s global mind set to design schemes which cohesively blend within their environment as they become visible landmarks. “We use our expertise from around the world to blend local colour into global destinations,” he said.

The Benoy Masterplanning portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive with projects including the Yas Island Masterplan in Abu Dhabi, Karle Town Centre in Bengaluru and the award-winning DreamCenter in Shanghai. Each scheme is an example of the dedicated effort of the global Team to produce designs that bring not only new build but also new energy to the sites.

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