Benoy Announces Inaugural Winners of The Peter McCaffery Fellowship

27 September 2014

Benoy, the award-winning firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, is excited to announce the inaugural winners of The Peter McCaffery Fellowship, named in honour of Benoy’s Global Director who passed in July. Peter was a leader, mentor and friend at Benoy for almost 15 years. The entrants and winners showed that this fellowship will be a fitting testament to Peter’s memory with some truly inspiring ideas.

With 40 entries, the first year of the research fellowship started off strongly and the winners were chosen from a wide breadth of options which really challenged the judging panel of Global Design Director Simon Bee, Director Jacqueline Beckingham and Director Andy Lai.

Simon said of the Fellowship, ‘as this was the first year, I was really pleased we received such a fascinating range of topics. It was not easy deciding on the winners, but in the end, it was the simplicity and clarity of purpose that won the day for the top two entries. I know they will both produce a great piece of work, and I look forward to when we can all share in the outputs’.

Architectural Designers Yang Liu and Geoffrey Cheung from Benoy Hong Kong explained their winning idea to do a comparison study of street space and waterfronts in Venice and Chinese cities, because ‘cityscape and streetscape of this particular kind have always fascinated us, with unique multiple layers of dynamics, yet maintaining a form of harmony.’

‘We hope to create a useful database for our future projects by extracting the essence of this typology, be it the scale, spatial quality or viewpoints, comparing contrasts between the East and the West,’ Geoffrey and Yang said.

Also winning this year is Cecilia Pearson, Senior Architectural Assistant in the London Studio, who will look at the design process in emerging markets, specifically Ghana. Cecilia described her ‘motivation was to create an idea that might be adapted and used again, and not just a “one-off” piece of architectural research. I hope I can fully achieve my ambitions and I look forward to the challenge’.

Simon ‘would personally like to thank everyone who entered - this level of interest alone has made the initiative a success, and I am already looking forward to running next year’s event’.

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