Benoy Celebrates Over Ten Years in China During Chengdu 72 Hours Event

29 May 2014

Benoy, the international firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, is excited to celebrate the Chengdu 72 Hours event in London taking place 19 to 21 May.

This event, which is a festival celebrating all things Chengdu, including business, culture and tourism, highlights the great offerings of one of the many premier cities in China. Chengdu Party Secretary Huang Xinchu is supportive of the event, and Chairman of the Chengdu People’s Congress Yu Wei and Ambassador Liu Xiaoming are speaking during the 72 hours. Benoy Executive Director Simon Bee and other Team members are attending several of the events taking place as part of the three day festival.

Benoy Chairman and China-Britain Business Council Vice Chairman Graham Cartledge CBE DL spoke of the celebration as ‘a thrilling moment for many in the UK to witness what Benoy has known about for years; China is full of opportunities to help British businesses expand into this thriving market.’

‘As the British government was leaving Hong Kong, I saw an opportunity to enter this new region, and after years of creating incredible projects spanning the country from iAPM in Shanghai to Chengdu IFS, I continue to be amazed by the sincere business relationship the British and Chinese have’, said Graham expanding on Benoy in China.

Since opening in January 2014, Chengdu International Finance Square (IFS) has rapidly established itself as a new landmark for the city and indeed for western China. Occupying perhaps the most coveted location within the core central business district in the heart of Chengdu, Chengdu IFS is a new commercial, retail and leisure hub which celebrates the culture of the city by integrating the landscape, local art and historic artefacts. The development has been overwhelmingly successful, attracting 90 leading brands to the city heralding a new lifestyle for the region.

Since the firm first started working in Hong Kong in 2002 with Elements Mall at Kowloon Station, it has witnessed a rapid increase in investment from several other British businesses. The rate of growth has increased the competition for projects in China, and Benoy has been honoured to not only retain its part of the market share but expand to three design studios in Greater China: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

The UK-China business relationship continues to strengthen, and Benoy regularly appreciates the great projects, clients and associates it works with throughout the country. China has been a dynamic market for Benoy, and the company looks to expand and create more significant developments as it deepens ties in the East.

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