Benoy’s Proposed Design Revealed for Luxury QE2 hotel

31 October 2013

Benoy, international award-winning Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, has revealed its proposed design for the new Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) luxury hotel. Invited alongside six other international designers to transform the iconic liner, Benoy’s concept was unveiled on the ‘qe2hotels’ website last week, where public opinion has been invited to choose the favoured hotel scheme.

Inspired by the visionary status of the QE2 when she first sailed in 1969, Benoy followed the same design philosophy that built the ocean liner almost 50 years ago. Recognising the importance of the original interior architecture in preserving the ambiance of the famous vessel for guests, Benoy’s designers have delivered a scheme that unites the contemporary and cutting edge with the character of the 60s.

The historically important Midships Lobby and Queen’s Room, spaces that exhibit the advanced original design intent of the QE2, have been conserved in Benoy’s proposal. By introducing a modern variation on textiles, lighting, fittings and technology, the firm’s concept not only abides by the forward-thinking ideals synonymous with the QE2 but also delivers the cruise liner into 21st century luxury market.

The floating all-suite hotel will accommodate private residences, a conference centre, performance theatre and ballroom, retail and leisure locations. Benoy has carved out space for a modern maritime museum, presenting the fascinating history and artefacts of the Cunard flagship vessel to both the public and hotel guests. Immediately following the museum experience, guests can ride an elevator directly to the top of the QE2’s funnel which has been reimagined as an observation platform. Above deck, the original swimming pool has been enlarged to accommodate 5-star standards.

The ‘QE2 New Life’ project will see the vessel sail to Shanghai to undergo refurbishment and transformation into her new opulent hotel form. The final destination for the hotel is still to be announced, with major Asian cities anticipated to receive the honour.

John Denton, Director of Interior Design at Benoy, commented on the firm’s submission, “QE2 is a ship that never looked back and always looked forward during her reign as one of the greatest transatlantic ocean liners. We felt we should wholly embrace her history and philosophy as we took the steps toward envisaging her conversion to this new 5-star hotel experience”.

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