Benoy’s First Landmark in Korea Opens

31 October 2012

Benoy is delighted to announce the opening of their first development in Korea with the introduction of the dynamic IFC Seoul Mall. This new retail mall is part of the landmark IFC Seoul mixed use development, located in the prime business district of Yeouido.

The retail interior was directly inspired by the exterior design concept of crystals. The towers of the IFC development, crafted to appear as crystal rock formations jutting out of the earth. As the entire retail podium is located below ground, the interiors have been conceived to reflect the subterranean level at the point where the crystals are found emerging out from the natural rock.
This striking design concept was achieved through the use of heavily structured angular designs and carefully selected materials that bring the unique design intention to life.

Natural daylight has been incorporated throughout the basement interior with real effect, skylights and light boxes have been installed to ensure natural daylight can be enjoyed throughout the subterranean retail mall, making a key feature for this space. In keeping with the interior scheme the skylights have been designed as jagged crystal shapes punched into the ceiling void, additionally, to add interest and irregularity to the design, angular light boxes hang down from the ceiling resembling illuminated crystals.

A unique ‘shard’ motif has been specifically designed for the IFC Seoul, used throughout the retail mall on wayfinding, ceilings and flooring to echo the crystal scheme, creating a holistic feeling to the entire development.

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