Benoy’s ION Orchard, Singapore Receives Quality Building Award

14 June 2011

Benoy is delighted to announce that ION Orchard in Singapore has received ‘The Grand Award for Best Project outside Hong Kong’ at the 2010 Quality Building Awards.

For ION Orchard, Benoy’s design intention was to introduce a space that extended beyond commercial value and the traditional model of a retail centre. Drawing inspiration from the site’s antecedents as an orchard, Benoy’s design for this large mixed-use scheme was conceived as an urban seed that would lead to a dynamic re-imagination of Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier shopping district. Benoy’s design realised the client’s aspirations for a world-class commercial development and delivers a vital, new urban realm for Singapore’s city-centre.

Chairman of Benoy, Graham Cartledge CBE, said “We are delighted that ION Orchard has been recognised for its outstanding quality and innovative design. ION Orchard makes a meaningful, breath-taking urban contribution to the built environment. This is a destination not just for Singapore, but Asia; and this ground-breaking development is rightfully a calling card for Benoy across the globe.”

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